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1. Sriram: Economy portion is must

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Security booklet
Int issue booklet.
Polity related material.

3.Shankar ias book: Environment

4.Gk today compendium: Culture

5.Vision: Current



  1. VajiramRavi UPSC IAS Material Compilation [ Very Good Source For Static Portion of the Syllabus ]
  2. Vajiram Geography Manocha Sir Handwritten scanned Notes
  3. Indian Art, Heritage & Culture GS Paper I ( VajiRam& Ravi Class Notes )
  4. Defence topics from Vajiram current affairs 2016
  7. Vajiram General Science and History Test
  8. Vajiram and Ravi National Issues -2015 (Mains 2015 ,Prelims 2016 ,State PSCs
  9. Political Science ( Shubra Rajnan ) Mains Test Series 2015 [Complete]
  10. Vajiram Shubra Ranjan Political Science Test Series mains 2015
  11. Vajiram and Ravi Polity Handwritten Notes
  12. Huge Material Compilation for UPSC Civil Service Exam[ Source Shashi Thakur ]Vajiram test series for Psychology -TEST 2
  13. Vajiram Classroom Lecture Audio Recordings India Since Independance
  14. Vajiram Classroom Lecture Audio Recordings Science And Tech
  15. Vajiram Class Audio Notes on Security Issues- GS3
  16. Shubhra Ranjan’s Political Science complete notes (NEW)
  17. Vajiram Ethics, Aptitude and Integrity Class Notes
  18. Vajiram International Relations Current Affairs Module part 1
  19. Vajiram Yellow book on Security Issues
  20. Handwritten URBANISATION, EIA,Environment, Cropping Pattern etc GS Paper III ( VajiRam& Ravi Class Notes)
  21. Vajiram Ethics Integrity & Aptitude class notes HandWritten
  22. Vajiram Essay Module Download Free Pdf
  23. Vajiram Ethics Volume 3 Yellow Book
  24. Vajiram Ethics Material pdf
  25. Indian Economy notes Vajiram written notes UPSC IAS


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  1. Vajiram Notes link: VAJIRAM YELLOW BOOK 
    1. Vajiram & Ram- Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part B – I(1).pdf
    2. Vajiram & Ravi- Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part B – II(1).pdf
    3. Vajiram & Ravi- Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part B – III(1).pdf
    4. Vajiram & Ram- Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part A – I.pdf
    5. Vajiram & Ram- Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part A – II(1).pdf
    6. Vajiram & Ram- Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Part A – III.pdf


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