You know nothing….Jon Snow.


                                                                    Philosophy For Somniloquist

      Season-1 Episode-1


This world,this universe or this multi-universe or maybe something more,who knows.But I think there is always something more.There is nothing in this ******************************which is finite.Infinity is the absolute truth.Mathematically you may find the limit of infinity.Yes,you can.But,only infinity can reach to infinity knowing of the limit,only infinity can play with infinity with no fear of losing.Only infinity can be the buddy of infinity.Yes,philosophy is what above all.

If you think you know everything. You are wrong.I personally think I know nothing.You know nothing,Bitupan(Jon Snow)……haha(Sorry GOT fan).

Everything in this universe is infinite.All the knowledge.Even your 1st law of thermodynamics.Yes,that constant energy is also constant infinity.Who knows how this constant value travels towards….. may be infinity.Yes,I know and I do believe that total energy of the universe is constant.But this constant value is also an infinite.

Let’s come to the point.You think you know everything.But do you know you are nothing in this universe?You may don’t even exist.Maybe this universe also.Who knows.There are always full of possibilities.That is why open and broaden your mind to accept with logical thought,(if you can gather by your finite of your infinite brain).

Do you know there is nothing like invention? There is no human exist in this world,who can claim as an inventor.If exist he is the god.If you believe in god.Yes,he is infinity.That is why he knows all these infinities of this world.For him this is finite.That is why he can invent with his infinite(finite) knowledge.Maybe there is infinity also left for him too.Who knows.Just broaden your mind little more.

So,I always think Who invented TV?.Really??? In our books….in fact, all the books in this world, there is very little knowledge written there.But within you… have infinite knowledge written by your almighty god.Maybe he is god himself. You just need to know how to gather these and how to reach him.Maybe you can also reach infinity or become infinity by knowing him.

This world is full of infinite knowledge.Knowledge in the air,knowledge in the rain,knowledge in your H2S leaking fart.Knowledge is in everywhere.Just pick one and discover or rediscover it for the betterment of this human race.Don’t say invention again (in philosophy).Please, Philo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins,don’t kill me for this.


You are finite and at the same time, you are infinite.


You know nothing and at the same time, you know everything.


You don,t even exist in this world but at the same time, others don’t exist without you.

There is always two sides of a truth,0 or 1.You must take one.Don’t waste other just keep it for future.Space can be fill up with time with different values.Time.Almighty time.

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