Must Watch!!! Assamese Movies List

1.Jetuka Pator Dore(2011):

The storyline is set to the backdrop of an interior village of Assam, India in the 1970s, which has never seen progress and prosperity and tells the story of Radha, a young woman of lower caste fighting against corruption and for the rights of her community.

Jetuka Pator Dore won the Best Feature Film in Assamese award in the 58th National Film Awards for 2010


2.jeevan bator logori 2009:

The film shows the journey of a young man from his college days to his professional life as a businessman. Problems like unemployment and agricultural underproduction comes as subplots.Jeevan Baator Logori focuses on some significant aspects of our society like chaotic education system, young generation becoming self-reliant through agriculture or through proper acquisition of some other benevolent schemes. It carries a strong message for the young generation to preserve and uplift the traditional values while accepting modernity.


3.Bakor Putek(2012):

                                The Story is all about the superstitions prevailing in the Assamese society and its impact on the lives of common people. It also reflects the picture of other social evils like rationalism and blind beliefs that are still practiced in rural Society.



                 Joymati first Assamese movie & 3rd motion picture of India.

(Joymoti, surviving version)
Direction: Jyotiprasad Agarwalla
Assamese/1935/B&W/58 mins
Video surviving version, 2004: Altaf Mazid



Dinabandhoo (or Dinabandhu) is One of the best Assamese movies ever made, A must watch. It is about how a common man has to face the consequences of dowry.




6. Kaka Deuta , Nati aru Hati


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