Nature can heal your pain(When you realize…. you are nature too!)

           Name??? Not Decided!!!              Season 1, Episode1


“And miles to go before I sleep,

 And miles to go before I sleep.” 


The hiker signed the register copy with these lines of Robert Frost and put the register copy in the box. Then he started to walk through the desire line of the beautiful wood. Though he is walking like a small child,like chasing his favorite doll but his face seems to be lost in somewhere in the past. He is in a hurry but doesn’t know why. After walking few minutes he reached a beautiful pasture. A gentle breeze touches his face and he closes his eyes with a deep breath. His face seems calm and free and his hair started to dance in the breeze like his heartbeat. Maybe this one is, not the  déjà vu that he always had.

The Sun starts to smile like a new married girl biting the mountain veil. The Red Sun looks like the bindia on her forehead. The clouds dance with each other reading the love poem of lovers of some foreign land. The birds are flying in the broad old sky and singing the best old love song of some foreign land. And the lake water which is flowing from the old calm Himalayan mountain peak produces a kind of music like the symphony of Beethoven. Mozart would be so jealous after listening such kind of composition. This is the best opera produced by the almighty nature. Music is so powerful. It can heal people from any kind of materialistic pain of this world.

The wild goats are grazing in the green pasture enjoying the great composition of almighty nature.And there is a colorful Himalayan Monal Pheasant teasing and resting in the horn of a wild goat. Both are fighting like two childhood bosom friend. When the goat starts chasing the bird in anger, the bird flies away far and start laughing, after seeing that angry face. This can really remind someone his childhood and his childhood friends, whom we lost in the battle of life through the ship of the time. And there the Musk Deer playing with joy far away from human touch. Though the musk deer stay far from human habitation human greed always found them for their musk. That is why he is happy today. This kind of utopia even hard to imagine .This is a place what we can call the heaven, the paradise; like the Eden garden of Adam, everything in harmony and in love. Where one can forget all his troubles and can lose in the sweetness of love and can forget his own shadow.

Near the lake, there is an old man sitting on a bench and observing the activity of the hiker with a mystic smile.And playing with the smoke of the cigar, like children used to do with every new thing they see. The hiker notice this incident. And he walks close to him.

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